Information about Paralympic Games That Took place in Rio, Brazil

The multi-sports Paralympic Games will be held in Rio, Brazil, from Sep 7-18 2016. These Paralympic games have certainly gained in popularity over the last years, and provide an excellent way for these athletes to compete with other athletes from around the world. The mascots for the Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil, are known as Tom and Vinicious. Vinicious was named after the famous poet Bossa Nova. This mascot is based on being a mix of all the most famous Brazilian animals, and so is quite well suited to this sports event. Tom is a mascot that is based on all of the plants that are found in the Brazilian rain forests that are famous around the world.

In terms of the multi-sports that are on offer at the Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil, fans will discover that many of the sports are the same as what would be found at the Summer Olympics. There are a range of racket sports, including badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Other sports include cycling, sailing and rowing, canoe, and archery. Two football events are on offer, including a 5 a side football event, and the 7 a side version of the sport. These Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil, certainly do offer a wide range of multi-sports that enable a whole range of different sportsmen and women to compete against each other.

Highlights of the Paralympics

As with the Summer Olympics, one of the highlights of the Paralympic Games is certainly the athletics multi-sports events. These will all be completed during the period Sep 7-18, 2016. Just about all of the typical athletics events are on offer, and will enable people with a wide range of disabilities to compete to try to win gold, silver or bronze, in any one of the events.

This will be the fifteenth edition of the Paralympics Games. Being held in Rio, Brazil, this is the first time the event has been held in a South American city, and only the second time it has been held in the southern hemisphere. The first time was in Sydney, for the 2000 Summer Paralympic Games.

One of the interesting things about this version of the Games is that two new sports are being added. These sports are the canoeing events, and also the paratriathlon and cricket betting.

Paralympic Games Venues and Stadiums

There are a number of venues that will host the Paralympics Games in Rio, Brazil. These venues are all around 4 main clusters, or four of the big regions in the city. These clusters go by the names of Barra, Deodoro, Maracanã, and Copacabana. The main athletics stadium is located in the Maracanã cluster, at the João Havelange Stadium. The Maracana Stadium will host both the opening and the closing ceremonies. The ceremonies are one of the events that are most looked forward to, as the host city is really able to show off during these times. If the last Games’ opening ceremony was anything to go by, spectators and athletes alike will all have something to look forward to when the 7th September 2016 eventually come around.