Overview of Caribbean Stud Poker

The online casino experience is now virtually indistinguishable from the brick and mortar casinos that popularised the activity in the first place. Except that casino play can now be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Players everywhere are discovering Caribbean Stud Poker online, and this heralds a range of new table games. The leading software innovators like NetEnt have perfected the bonus and reward systems by streaming players into high roller, low roller and standard categories, facilitating specific aims within the Caribbean Stud Poker community, and giving players a new perspective on this rewarding game.

A Modern Online Variant

Caribbean Stud poker was developed as an exciting variant to the traditional poker game about forty years ago.  First offered on the big passenger ships cruising the Caribbean islands, the game became so popular that it entered the large casinos in Las Vegas less than a decade later.

Now, to be able to play Caribbean Stud Poker online is one of the benefits of development of so many new games in the gaming industry, and one of the largest industries worldwide. The casino online, as developed so effectively by producers like Net Entertainment has become just as exciting, and the number of games as comprehensive as those offered by any live casino.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

In this NetEnt poker variant, the aim is simply to beat the dealer, not any of the other players. The bonus payout for winning the bet against the dealer is but one money winning option in this game.

Caribbean Stud poker, online, is played by up to seven players, one dealer and the standard 52 card pack. A special casino table is used that resembles the oval blackjack style table. The table layout contains of three distinctive betting spots for the player.

The first spot is for the ante, the second for the called bet, which is double the ante, and the third spot is there for the optional progressive jackpot bet. Regardless of the number of the players, everyone always effectively plays a one on one game against the dealer. Therefore, unlike other forms of poker, playing Caribbean Stud Poker online means not having to be concerned about the other players’ cards.

The Winning Options

Should a player beat the dealer, the ante is paid off at even money, but the bet wager is paid off at house odds.  To enter the hand comparative phase, the dealer’s hand must contain at least one ace or king. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, this hand is compared to the cards held by all the other players in standard poker fashion.

Should the dealer not qualify, the players in the round receive even money for their ante bet, and their bet wager is pushed. When comparing the hands, and should the dealer win, the player will lose both his ante and bet wager. Any player that has selected to place money on the progressive bet will find that the volume of the jackpot grows with the level of the side bets. Despite it being a NetEnt powered game, the jackpots vary from casino to casino, and this is something that can be investigated before gambling online NZ.

Playing NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker online is a fast and high action game which has several ways of winning, and within the Professional Series that NetEnt provides, several ways of being enjoyed too.